The KHOSH Method: Step 1: Reduce to Calm

Dr. Darvish is interviewed by CEO of Researched Nutritionals, Dennis Schoen. They cover topics from Dr. Darvish’s new book, ‘The Golden Gate’ such as the science and art of creating joy, optimizing mitochondria health, reducing exposure to calm inflammation, and activating detox systems.

Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish is a Washington board-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with a Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies. She is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center and Holistique IV Lounge. A 1995 graduate, former Chief Resident, and an Affiliate Faculty of Bastyr University, with more than 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Darvish practices Regenerative, Naturopathic, and Integrative medicine with a passion to assist patients in their transformation towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. As a physician, writer, educator, lecturer, and speaker, her mission is to inspire others to become 'agents of transformation'.