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My latest podcast interview on Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, and More!
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Breaking the Stigma of Men's Mental Health

Prostate Cancer Prevention & Therapies

Pellets, Hormones, PRP and More!

What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Implants

Food for Breast Health

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Autumn Harvest - Finding Healing in Nature's Cycles

Food as Medicine

Tired of Being Tired

Anxiety and Depression

Social Justice (Injustice) Impacts on Health

Instagram - Men's Health

Dr. Darvish: Pain Connection

Gut Brain Connection

Fever During Covid-19

Archived Radio & Podcast Shows

The interviews with Dr. Darvish listed below are linked from The Dr. Pat Show website. They are in MP3 format.

Dr. Pat and Dr. Darvish on Reduce Your Cancer Risks

Dr. Pat and Dr. Davish on Stem Cells and more!

What Are Your Hormones Doing? (June 15, 2012)
Living Allergy Free (May 18, 2012)
Transformation through Fasting (February 3, 2012)
The Healing Molecule (January 6, 2012)

Natural Healing from Around the World (October 2011)
The Missing Link (July 2011)
Growing Young (June 2011)
Healing from Within (February 2011)
Unity of Thought (January 2011)

Heart Disease (December 2009)
Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2009)
Keeping Healthy During the School Year (August 2009)
Tired of Being Tired? (June 2009)
Truth Behind the Swine Flu (May 2009) – “The current anxiety about the swine flu is a reminder of the oneness of our world” says Dr. Nooshin Darvish, N.D., the Medical Director and founder of Holistique Medical Center.
The Truth Behind Auto-Immune Diseases (April 2009)
Are Metal Toxins Making You Sick? (March 2009)
Endometriosis and Female Health (February 2009)
Thermography – A Screening Every Woman Should Have (January 2009)

Media and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Darvish is a speaker at conferences, as well as a frequent special guest on The Dr. Pat Show on 1150 AM, KKNW. She is the Medical Advisor for The Dr. Pat Show. Listen to the latest show Now!

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Darvish is a dynamic and engaging speaker on natural health topics. For more information on having her speak at your conference or special event, please contact our office by calling the number or filling out the form below. Our office hours are M-F 8am-6pm.