My Mother

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My Mother

Maman Nahid, Eulogy of Her Kind


Maman Nahid the name we called her by,

Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, means her name

Her facial features perfection of beauty,

Glistening perfect teeth, shapely nose,

Luscious lips and high cheekbones

Every women, sister, daughter envied so

She taught me, raised me and loved me deeply.


Maman Nahid, she’s my love since birth

She held me, cuddled and kissed me so

Chanting prayers for me ‘til early morning hours

Giving me her love, heart, with poetry and all her powers.


I want to make sure I have her history correct

Poetry and song she loved so much,

I attempt to share her eulogy

In song, rhythm, with our souls in touch.


Nahid Varqai Mazcouri was her name,

Born in the city of Yazd, Iran

Precisely on March 24 in 1942

She came from a lineage of resilient women

Many who lost their husbands, brothers, and sons

Only to be raised to Martyrdom.


These women found courage, independence and strength

Women of higher education, doctors of the time

During a period when women were oppressed

with no education or literacy

My great grandmothers trailblazing women

Educated, literate, with healing capacity.


The women of this family of distinguished martyrs

Known as Varqai family their name

A title endowed by the Founder of their Faith

Their history recorded in Baha’i books

By Adib Taherzadeh, Revelation IV to be exact

For those who care to learn some more.


The Varqai lineage described like so

Martyred Varqa had one sister, two brothers you may know

His sister doctor Bibi Tuba Varqai

Born four children in the late 19th century.

Her first born, a daughter named Bibi Ridvan

Became a prominent healer of her time

She raised four children of her own

Her last one she named Safaiyeh

Safaiyeh became a mother when Nahid was born.


The father of Varqa and Bibi Tuba Varqai,

Titled Haji Mulla Mehdi Atri

A medicine man of his era

Was blessed to meet Baha’u’llah twice

He fell ill and died on his way

Just before he met Him thrice

Near a place called Mazraih

In the Israeli countryside.


Baha’u’llah buried him with His own two hands they say

And often walked by his site of grave

To send him prayers and His loving praise

Mulla Atri, Varqa and Bibi Tuba received

Special Tablets from His Most Glory

As part of their blessed story.


Bibi Tuba, Nahid’s great grandmother

A learned healer and her husband too

She witnessed her brother, Varqa

And Ruh’u’llah her nephew true

And then her son, precious he was

Tortuously killed before her eyes.

Their single crime Baha’is they were

Lovers of humanity was unpopular.


Bibi Ridvan, first born of Tuba

Gave birth to a fourth child named Safa

Bibi Ridvan Varqai

Grandmother she finally became,

With Nahid her first to succeed.

A learned women doctor of her time

In the early part of 20th century,

Bibi healed many with her healing powers

Maman Nahid admired her dearly

Bibi Ridvan raised Nahid ‘till she was three

With love, courage, and resilience indeed.


So who was Nahid’s father, you may ask

Mehraban Mazcouri was his name,

A respected businessman of his time,

Born into a Zoroasterian family in Yazd

He found the Baha’i Faith at thirteen

Shunned from his family ‘cause they could not believe

He would expand his horizons to Baha’i

So he traveled to India to study.


Always well dressed in a tie

Respectable, knowledge and kind

His business mind and passion for English, poetry and the arts

Taught Nahid violin and voice as a child.

He helped her become a prodigy

A violinist performing on radio and TV.


Nahid, the first born of six girls

Her father and mother named them in a rhyme

Nahid and  Parvaneh,

Zohreh and  Farzaneh,

Vedad and Afsaneh.


Nahid’s mother and father before her time

Pioneered to Ahvaz for

Mehraban to open a bookstore, one of a kind

And then back to Yazd, where Nahid was born

And one year later, Parvaneh, girl number two came to join.


Nahid was three when they pioneered to Zahedan

It was during World War II

Safa and Mehraban with four girls by now,

Moved to Abadan for Mehraban

His knowledge of English, his intelligence and his heart

He ranked high in British Oil in Abadan.


A few years later, they returned to Yazd

And sent Nahid and Parvaneh to Tehran

To write college English exams

Two sisters age eighteen and seventeen,

Proved to have brilliant minds of their own

When they passed their examination

For university recognition

At Cambridge by the English countryside

A career in medicine

Unique in their generation.


Nahid wanted to be like her grandmother

A learned doctor Bibi Ridvan

But the cards didn’t play through

As life took her towards another route

She met the love of her life in pursuit.

It was Arastoo Khoshkhesal

A handsome, young businessman

Educated, well-dressed, with a heart of gold

Nahid’s beauty, brilliant mind, and education

Her eloquence, humor and purity

He could not resist but to fall in love

In less than three months

They vowed.


After a few months, as newlyweds

They moved to Tehran from Zahedan

To open import business in downtown.

They had two daughters, Negin the oldest,

And four years later, it was I, Nooshin

Then came Nabil, finally a boy

To complete their family dream.


When Nabil was 3 and us girls were 11 and 7

In midst of the winter of January  ‘77

With faith and courage,

They closed the doors, leaving their family, business and home.

The family of five left Tehran

With obedience to their Faith

To a new country, named Canada.

This new land they knew nothing about

Creating education for their children abroad

Trust, faith and pioneering was their aim.


Amidst a time when prejudice was high

They settled in North Vancouver in a house

Guided to them in a dream

By Abdu’l-Baha, who else would they believe.

Baha’i pioneers they were

The Local Baha’i Assembly was thrilled to be formed

With Nahid, Arastoo, and seven others

Finally together in a special forum.


Nahid’s English was very good

So she went to work in retail to provide

Since they had to start life from scratch

While Arastoo learnt English to renew his path.

They learnt a new culture

New career and language too

Made new friends, sharing their Faith, heart and virtue.


Meantime, Baha’is, and families in Iran,

Persecuted, separated they became

They grieved for their losses

They could not go back

They dreamed someday to return to their homeland.


For many years, they juggled to raise their kids alone

While all along,

Together they lovingly sponsored, and housed

Kindly guided, fed, and advised

Foreigners, refugees, visitors, family and friends

Who came to this new land called Canada.


Nahid was an artist, a gifted seamstress and designer

She designed and sewed the fashion she wore,

Before she turned forty-two

She opened her own company too.


When Nahid was 38,

Mehraban was forced to separate

From his beloved wife, Safa

Under house arrest for ten years in Tehran

Because he was Baha’i and died in his sleep

Nahid deeply traumatized

Her heart broken losing her daddy

She had no chance

To say goodbye, far from completely.


Nahid was fifty-five

Entering University of British Columbia

To gain a degree

In Child Developmental Psychology.

The lessons she learnt,

She pursued with passion

A second business, she inaugurated

Twelve years of her life, she dedicated

Educating others’ kids with love and compassion.


At age 65, when all are retiring but she is not

She went back to School of Sauder at UBC

To pursue a degree in Real Estate and broker field

She practiced as an agent until one year before she passed.


She loved homes, people, and social times

A woman of no-nonsense

Speaking her truth to those she loved

Telling jokes to lighten up the mood

Adding humor to bring healing and joy.

Magnificent was her voice

Powerful and touching to the soul

Chilling the heart and the bones.


At 70, a grave diagnosis was indeed

An aggressive cancer in stage 4 with no options to treat

Prognosis of 1 to 2 years was hard to believe

Nahid bravely refused chemo, radiation and the like

For she followed the lessons she was taught

By her grandmother, Bibi Ridvan

To heal without prescriptions or drugs

Honoring the temple of her soul

As naturally as she could do so

She traveled to USA, and Budapest

Pursuing the best in natural medicine.


Her quality of life perfection it was

Nine years beyond her diagnoses she thrived

She continued to work, travel, and laugh

Spending precious time with family, and friends

Helping raise her grandbaby girls she loved

Sanna, Maleka, and Delbar first

One special grandson, Adib came next

And two little ones, Sophie and Saidie

Deeply warmed her soul.


Nahid taught us as her children,

And her grand babies too

Joy, patience and love

With kindness, empathy, courage for life

Her humor, boldness, and her witty thoughts

Her loyalty and aim for reaching high

In life, education, and spiritual pursuits.

To create, trust and not to follow the norm

To be trailblazers with a grand mission

To have faith, certitude, and conviction

And above all, to raise our hands in submission

To the Greatest Source of Power

When aspiring to achieve our distinctive purpose,

While embodying excellence, unity and passion.


When her husband, my father

Arastoo passed in 2020

And the Covid shutdowns began to take toll

She grieved quietly and alone

No one to visit to help her heal

Her Love grew more fervent

She became more detached

From all worldly pleasures and pursuits,

She purified herself from the past

Cleansing her body with simple food and fast

Her faith and courage more ardent it grew

Her time would end very soon

One year after her husband flew.


One week before her 79th birthday,

At 6:51 in the early evening hours

On March 16th 2021, a special Tuesday

Surrounded by her loved ones in prayer and chant

In the same house pioneered she vowed to stand

She took a deep breath and smiled

Showing off her glistening pearly teeth

Her physical cage asunder it burst

Nahid ascended to join her husband’s soul

Leaving the sufferings of this mortal life

To enter the Kingdom of Paradise,

Gaining closeness with her Beloved,

Ultimate joy, priceless in pearl.


Her daughters, Negin and I,

Two special son-in-laws, Johnny and Behnam

One exceptional bride, purely Mahsa

And her devoted son, Nabil

Six beautiful grandchildren full of might

Through all these precious ones

Resplendently and joyfully she wings her flight

Mrs. Nahid Varqai-Mazcouri Khoshkhesal

You shine your light so so bright!

                 ~Dr. Nooshin Khoshkhesal-Darvish

Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish is a Washington board-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with a Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies. She is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center and Holistique IV Lounge. A 1995 graduate, former Chief Resident, and an Affiliate Faculty of Bastyr University, with more than 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Darvish practices Regenerative, Naturopathic, and Integrative medicine with a passion to assist patients in their transformation towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. As a physician, writer, educator, lecturer, and speaker, her mission is to inspire others to become 'agents of transformation'.


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