PRP: Effective Therapy for Alopecia Areata

Image of a balding patient diagnosed with alopecia. Alternative medical techniques are successful for treating alopecia.

Wide angle image of a balding patient diagnosed with alopecia. Alternative medical techniques are successful for treating alopecia. Image of patient's full head of hair restored thanks to naturopathic medical treatments

“Victories are won usually through a great deal of patience, planning and perseverance, and rarely accomplished at a single stroke.”
(Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, p. 598)

For almost 9 years, I did everything to treat my daughter’s alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss. Some treatments worked a little and others not at all. She tried all and every natural therapy, addressing emotions, stress, toxicities, hormone imbalances, food allergies and intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, gut inflammation and dysbiosis, and more. Sadly, nothing worked. I was frustrated and so was she as these treatments had worked with many of my patients …but being the powerhouse she is, she never gave up. She continued to persevere with a smile on her face and an inspiring radiance.

After several years, she finally agreed to have me treat her with her own PRP (platelet-rich plasma). And four months later, her hair started growing back and by 8 months after the treatment, she had hair as thick as you see in the picture. Now, after nine long years of having little hair, she has gorgeous black thick curls.

Through all of this she taught me and those around her patience, strength, perseverance, detachment and genuine inner joyfulness and faith. She has brought hope to so many who suffer with this devastating condition.

PRP is growth factors and stem cells derived from your own blood and then reinjected back to your scalp.  The treatment takes only 5-10 minutes and is extremely safe. At Holistique, IV nutrients and  ozone therapy are used concurrently to boost healing, address immune dysfunction, and aid in the regrowth of hair.

PRP therapy appears to be effective for several different types of hair loss.

For a consultation with Dr. Darvish to see if this is the treatment for you, please call Holistique 425-451-0404.

Disclaimer: Final results vary for each individual.


Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish is a Washington board-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with a Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies. She is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center and Holistique IV Lounge. A 1995 graduate, former Chief Resident, and an Affiliate Faculty of Bastyr University, with more than 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Darvish practices Regenerative, Naturopathic, and Integrative medicine with a passion to assist patients in their transformation towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. As a physician, writer, educator, lecturer, and speaker, her mission is to inspire others to become 'agents of transformation'.

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