2018: A Year of New Possibilities for Wellbeing

Well, we made it through 2017! We are pulling out of the year of the Rooster, the year of many ‘wake up calls’, and now, we’re moving towards the year of the Dog, a year of loyalty and commitment. After persevering through 2017, a year of chaos, disarray, and confusion for many, we advance towards a year of new possibilities, a chance to arise to a new state of wellbeing–as individuals and as a global community. Are we ready to commit to wellbeing?

I define wellbeing as a state of harmony and oneness within our cells, organs, mind, soul, and with the surrounding world. With our wellbeing intact, we can focus on developing and strengthening essential relationships within our self and with others. Essential relationships involve strengthening our relationships with many aspects of our inner and outer lives: our minds, our souls, our food, our health, our intentions, our environment, our friends and families, our work, our community, the global enterprise, and the Supreme Power, to name a few. Wellbeing generates joy, vibrancy, peace, and health.

8 Ways to Wellbeing through a Conscious Process

Creating wellbeing is a conscious process requiring the act of being present, aware, and truthful with our own thoughts and intentions and with those around us. It is a conscious process of becoming aligned with the universal power of oneness. Alignment is the key to gaining wellbeing. Being aligned means resonating with the universal forces of unity.

“The well-being of humankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.” (1)

The process of consciously becoming aligned ushers in wellbeing. Here are 8 basic ways to become aligned so to lead us to the hallway of wellness in 2018. The goal is to learn how to regain our wellbeing as vibrant individuals and as a peaceful global community.

  1. Service: Focusing on serving, giving, and helping others selflessly stimulates our immune system and regenerates cellular health, while creating trust and security within our relationships. Selfless unconditional service is an assured way of aligning ourselves with the universal forces of unity to generate wellbeing (4).
  2. Meditation: Meditation opens the doors to the hidden mysteries of the universe. It clears the mind and allows the soul to discern the truth, helping create alignment and wellbeing. Mindful meditation is a key component of wellness as it allows us to communicate with our soul and to access the unknowns within the unseen world. It helps us gain insight, and to understand the true reality of humanity, of our connectivity, of our spirit, and of our wellbeing. Mindful meditation helps to direct us towards that which will bring us joy; and has the capacity to (quite literally) slow cellular aging, repair our DNA, and protect our heart (6,7, 12).
  3. Water: Approximately 60% of our body is made up of water. Water is essential to life. It helps carry oxygen to our cells, helps regulate our body temperature and sweat, allows for the digestion of food, flushes waste and toxins, acts as shock absorber in the brain and spinal cord, helps lubricate our joints, and helps our cells grow, regenerate, and reproduce. Water helps optimize our mental health, mood, and cognitive and physical performance (8). Drinking approximately half an ounce of purified water for each pound you weigh, every day, is a sure way to help maintain wellbeing.
  4. Whole food, plant-based diet: The live enzymes present in whole foods, especially plant-based foods, enhance the vitality within our cells. Resonating with the power of nature, our cells readily uptake the energy from plant-based whole foods and utilize that energy efficiently. The more efficient our cellular function, the healthier our cells, and the greater our sense of wellbeing. Whole food plant-based diet reduces risks of chronic disease and is crucial for the wellbeing of humankind (9, 10). As we eat more plant-based foods, we become more aligned with nature; and we’ll be resonating at a higher vibrational frequency.
  5. Fasting: Whether we engage in a 3-week liquid fast, intermittent fasting, or a religious fast, fasting allows our cells to rest and reboot. It stimulates growth hormones to heal the body, improves brain function slowing down aging, and enables us to connect with our spirit (11, 13). It teaches us to detach from the material world around us and focus on the essential relationships that help us grow spiritually. Engaging in a form of fasting 1-2x per year has profound effects on generating alignment and wellbeing.
  6. Movement: Every cell has kinetic energy. Kinetic energy keeps our being dynamic. To re-enforce that kinetic energy, we must move. The greater our movement, the greater the kinetic force. Walking, dancing, cycling, running, rowing – you pick the form of movement –as little as 3-4x per week for 20-30 minutes leads to wellbeing. More studies are showing the benefits of exercise and movement with brain health, heart health, mood, stress management, etc (14, 15). Movement, especially in nature, helps us align with the kinetic forces of the universe (16).
  7. Sleep: On average, women need 7 hours of sleep and men need 8 hours. A good night’s sleep gives the mind and the body time to refuel, to regenerate, to detox, and to heal (18). Restful sleep gives a chance for our cells and brain to reset, modulating our immune function and reducing inflammation (19). Deep sleep helps our soul transverse the material world and to become aligned with the intangible energies of the universe. Sleep is one of the most important ways to gain and sustain wellbeing (17).
  8. Love: Give hugs. Hugging reduces stress, improves the immune-system and wellbeing (3, 5). Be kind and loving. As we speak with a positive tone and a kind tongue, we leave a positive effect on the hearts of others and improve our own wellbeing as well as theirs (4). Love is like a boomerang: the more you spread love, the more it comes back to you. Love is the supreme magnet that binds the hearts together, that keeps our cells alive and keeps the world advancing. Love is the light that guides us in darkness. Love is the greatest gift we have to bring us into alignment and to lead us towards ultimate wellbeing.

As we enter 2018, I hope that we each find wellbeing in our lives individually and collectively. I sincerely wish that we become aligned in our purpose as individuals and as an advancing global community; to each do our part to establish the world as “one country, and humankind its citizens”(2). Wishing each of you a Happy New Year!

Sending you love and cheers, ~ DrD


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