dr.pat baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili, PhD

CEO, Host
The Dr. Pat Show

“In the amazing book, The Golden Gate by Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish, we are invited to enter a game-changer for women’s vitalistic living. Through her KHOSH MethodTM, Dr. Darvish helps us tap into our power to heal ourselves and the world around us. I had the privilege of experiencing this method alongside other women in a transformative journey, where we shed our pain, doubts, and traumas and emerged more robust and healthier.

In The Golden Gate, Dr. Darvish encourages us to embrace all aspects of ourselves, laugh through our generational wounds, and remove the veil of disease through the wisdom of healing. Her work is truly miraculous; the book is a testament to her expertise and passion. Words cannot describe the miraculous nature of Dr. Darvish’s work and how she captivates all of us in the beauty of who we are and what it means to enter the Golden Gate and the profound wisdom for us all. The Golden Gate is a must-read if you want to release and rejuvenate, move beyond society’s beliefs about aging, and step into your power. I am alive today because of Dr. Darvish’s work, and I know countless other women who have benefited tremendously from her holistic approach to healing. This is not just a book to read. It is a book to live by.”