Healing Beyond Your Potential.™

Nature. Medicine. Art.

Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP
Chief Medical Officer

Meet Dr. Darvish

Eastern Medicine Meets Western Medicine

I am dedicated to partnering with you in your life’s journey as you heal beyond your potential. As a naturopathic doctor, I combine the science of Western medicine with the wisdom of Eastern medicine to diagnose and treat the whole body, mind, and spirit. My passion is holistic health, regenerative medicine, and wellness. My goal as a licensed Naturopathic Physician is to find and treat the root causes of chronic symptoms through harnessing the body’s healing wisdom. And my vision is to reverse the processes of aging, chronic illness, pain, and cancer so that you become agents of transformation for the world around you. I want you to look, feel, and be younger and healthier. I would love to meet you, hear your story, and journey with you.

My Philosophy

PRP can heal your skin, help re-establish structure in your face and chest, and heal your osteoarthritic or damaged joints.

Men and women learn more about the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy–to feel, look, function, and be healthy again!

A Holistique treatment plan addresses the complexity of the cancer process, improves quality of life, extends prognosis, and minimizes recurrences and metastasis risk.

Chronically ill and in pain, and can’t get well? Your body is like a combination lock. Identifying and correcting each imbalance is the key to unlocking your health.

Let me help you begin your journey to healing. Please contact my office at Holistique to make an appointment.