Complex Diseases & Lyme

Chronically ill and in pain, and can’t get well? Chances are complex chronic disease often triggered by multiple Lyme-related infections, toxins, detoxification and nervous system dysfunctions, epigenetic dysregulation, as well as psycho-emotional stressors are making you sick.

Your body is like a combination lock. Identifying and correcting each imbalance in a specific order at an appropriate time is the key to unlocking your health. As an integrative naturopathic physician, I use evidence-based integrative medicine in combination with herbal, natural, bio-energy, and eastern medicine (without the use of antibiotic therapies) to unlock the key to your wellness.

Alternative medicine provides a personalized holistic healing approach so that your body can heal despite aggressive complex chronic diseases and chronic Lyme-related infections. Experiencing is believing…

Learn more about how we treat and care for patients with complex chronic diseases and Lyme-related infections at Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center.