The Golden Gate: Unleash Your Feminine Powers to Graceful Aging | The Dr. Pat Show

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | May 10, 2024
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Anything and Everything around Bioidentical Hormones

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | February 22, 2023

Dr. Darvish was interviewed on Transformation Talk Radio with Susan Denee on “Anything and Everything around Bioidentical Hormones”. “Suddenly, your body isn’t responding or feeling like it used to, did someone switch the lights off? Your body feels like a stranger. You seem to be reliving the college freshman 15, you know, the extra 15…

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Six Transformative Lifestyle Practices

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | August 7, 2022

Dr. Darvish shares research on 6 therapeutic lifestyle practices to improve well-being. Holistique Health Hour is a community service project. The information on this podcast is not intended to provide medical advice or make any claims. Please seek the advice of your personal physician. This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. To learn…

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How to use Exercise to Balance Hormones

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | May 7, 2022

In this Holistique Health Hour podcast, Dr. Darvish shares recent research on the impacts of exercise on hormones. When to exercise and how long and what type of exercises are most beneficial to hormone function, anti-aging, and reducing inflammation. References available upon request   This podcast is for information only and is not intended to…

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The Science behind Stem Cells & Exosomes

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | February 6, 2022

  Dr. Darvish interviews stem cell researcher/scientist, Dr. Peyman Taeidi-Aryan, on the science of Regenerative Medicine including stem cells and exosomes. In this episode, we learn about the science behind stem cells. Dr. Peyman clarifies some misconceptions regarding stem cell therapies. Answers to questions regarding the best sources of stem cells, medical conditions under research,…

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You’ve Got Omicron: What To Do Now? – with Dr. Darvish

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | January 3, 2022

Dr. Darvish discusses some supportive home therapies for Covid-19 and Omicron. She shares lifestyle practices, foods, and supplements to incorporate into one’s daily life to reduce risks and help the immune system fight infections. Any information shared on this podcast is for educational purposes only and is not intended to make claims, diagnose, or treat.…

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The Grail Test: A Cutting Edge Cancer Detection Test with Dr. Whitney Jones & Dr. Darvish

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | December 7, 2021

Early detection of cancer for some of the more aggressive cancers was not available until just recently. Dr. Whitney Jones, MD joins me on this episode to discuss cancer, and a new cutting-edge early cancer detection test, Galleri test from Grail labs, now available at Holistique. Over 50 different cancers can now possibly be detected…

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Freeing Oneself from Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Uzma & Dr. Darvish

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | November 30, 2021

Chronic Fatigue syndrome can be complicated to resolve. Dr. Uzma, in an interview with Dr. Darvish, shares her journey of overcoming chronic fatigue by addressing the whole person. From chronic infections to nutrition to ozone therapy to emotional clearing, Dr. Uzma and Dr. Darvish explore true healing from chronic fatigue. This episode is for educational…

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Do you need a Testosterone Boost?

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | November 15, 2021

Low testosterone impacts both men and women at many levels of health, increasing risks of early death, especially in men. Testosterone therapy alone is often not enough. An integrated approach looking at diet, lifestyle, nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise, and stress management is imperative for proper testosterone correction. Join Dr. Darvish as she explores an integrative…

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Foods and Supplements for Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

By Dr. Nooshin K Darvish, ND, ABAAHP | October 8, 2021

Dr. Darvish explores foods to reduce breast cancer risks. She then discusses some of her favorite supplements for breast cancer prevention. Please note that this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide treatments, diagnosis, or claims on any products. Please seek the advice of your own provider or one of…

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