Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish, ND, ABAAHP

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The Golden Gate

Unleash Your Feminine Powers
to Graceful Aging

a guide to living longer and healthier with joy


about "the golden gate" book

Would you like to optimize your health and wellbeing, age gracefully, and discover your soul’s purpose in life?

The Golden Gate is your guide to becoming the woman you are destined to be: an enlightened, authentic agent of positive transformation. Unleash your feminine powers to age gracefully, to live healthier and longer and to create a better world for our future generations.

In her groundbreaking book, Dr. Nooshin Khoshkhesal Darvish draws on three decades of experience as a regenerative naturopathic physician, sharing tools and insights for healing ourselves and the world around us. Her six-step approach, called the KHOSH Method™ (the Joy Method), is designed to help women at all stages of life improve their physical and emotional health, reduce the risks of chronic disease, and slow or even reverse the aging process, looking and feeling younger for longer. By healing your mind, body, and soul, you will become a 'Golden Gate': a feminine goddess equipped to lead the world out of its spiritual crisis towards a healthier, more peaceful society.

"Our time on this earth is short, but our duty to leave behind a positive impact is immense. Get ready to be happy and healthy and to achieve your destiny. Get ready to become a Golden Gate."

Join us at the Book Launch!

Wednesday, May 8th from 5-7pm,
Dr Darvish will speak at 5:30pm

Holistique Medical Center
1200 116th Ave NE STE C
Bellevue, WA 98004

Join us for a special evening as we celebrate the much-anticipated launch of Dr. Nooshin K Darvish's debut book, "The Golden Gate: Unleash Your Feminine Powers to Graceful Aging". Your ticket to the event comes with a copy of the book upon arrival and a percentage of book sales will be donated to the Mona Foundation.

Led by a TEDxBellevueWomen collaborator, be taken into a world of inspiration and empowerment that is "The Golden Gate". Discover the story that motivated Dr. Darvish to write this book, and gain insight into the mind of a remarkable doctor, leader, mother, and business owner. She will be joined by Dr. Pat Baccili, who will offer her experience to deepen your understanding of the book's key ideas.

Following the speeches, there will be an opportunity to have your copy of "The Golden Gate" signed and engage in elevated conversations.

The event will feature live music, refreshments and light snacks.


about dr. Darvish

Dr. Nooshin Khoshkhesal Darvish is a distinguished naturopathic physician and the founder of Holistique Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, her expertise is recognized globally.

She specializes in Integrative Cancer Therapies, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, and is a Diplomate in Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Darvish is committed to blending science with the art of healing, embodying her Baha’i faith's principles. She offers advanced treatments like Regenerative and Anti-Aging therapies, and Bio-identical hormone therapy, among others.

An affiliate faculty member at Bastyr University, she also educates future physicians. Dr. Darvish, a dedicated humanitarian, serves on the Mona Foundation's Board of Directors, hosts the Holistique Health Hour Podcast, and is a prolific speaker and writer. Her life's work is to transform lives from within, merging the art and science of medicine.

Praise For "The Golden Gate"

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Executive Director
Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

“Golden Gate: Unleash Your Feminine Powers to Graceful Aging” is more than a book – it is a guide, a beacon, and a clarion call for women to reclaim their power, embrace their authenticity, and lead others through the golden gates within. Dr. Darvish’s passion, wisdom, and transformative energy echo through every page, inviting women…

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Jessica Peatross, MD

Wellness Plus

“Dr. Darvish’s book, “The Golden Gate: Unleash your Feminine Power to Graceful Aging,” is a captivating journey through the realms of mind, soul, and body. As I delved into its pages, I couldn’t help but appreciate the meticulous organization and insightful content that it offers to women seeking a holistic approach to aging gracefully. The…

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Dr. Roy Steiner

Senior Vice President
The Rockefeller Foundation

“Dr. Nooshin Darvish’s ‘The Golden Gate: Unleash Your Feminine Powers to Graceful Aging’ is a transformative guide that empowers women to embrace aging with grace and wisdom. Merging her profound medical knowledge with personal insights, Darvish offers a holistic approach to womanhood and wellbeing. Her innovative KHOSH Method™ provides practical steps for balancing mind, body,…

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Dr. Pat Baccili, PhD

CEO, Host
The Dr. Pat Show

“In the amazing book, The Golden Gate by Dr. Nooshin K. Darvish, we are invited to enter a game-changer for women’s vitalistic living. Through her KHOSH MethodTM, Dr. Darvish helps us tap into our power to heal ourselves and the world around us. I had the privilege of experiencing this method alongside other women in…

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Mahnaz Aflatooni Javid, Ed.D

CEO & President
Mona Foundation

“As a nonprofit leader for the past 25 years, I firmly believe that empowered women and girls are in fact the “golden gate” to sustainable development. “Educate a girl, and transform a village,” is immutable because as women we pay it forward, and positive change multiplies. This book highlights finding our healthy and resilient selves,…

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